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Cantonese Call Center is a leader in providing bilingual call center services to clients catering to Cantonese-speaking customers. With top of the line technologies, processes, and workforce, our company delivers the best outsourcing package a business focusing on the Asian market can acquire. Our call center agents go through rigorous recruitment and training procedures to make sure that they are not only skilled and knowledgeable about the Cantonese language, but with the culture as well.


Customer Service– The best way to identify the needs of your customers is by interacting with them in the language that they natively speak. By outsourcing to Cantonese Call Center, you can have Cantonese customer representatives who can assist callers with their concerns and quickly provide solutions without facing language restrictions.

Technical Support – Most technical concerns involving products or procedures may require detailed explanation and step by step guidance before they can be resolved. This can be a lot more challenging if your customers can only speak in Cantonese and you don’t have agents who speak the language. Technical support agents must therefore be able to provide instructions in the language demanded by the caller for a faster resolution.


E-mail – For some customers, e-mail is still the best avenue to seek assistance regarding your products or services. E-mail support is unique because it’s the only platform that gives the sender ample time to review the message before being sent to the other party. By having e-mail support agents, you can utilize this timeless support platform in relaying important information to your customers.

Live Chat – Instant messaging is one of the modern support platforms used by most businesses, especially e-commerce and retail firms. By integrating live chat support in your company website, you can provide real-time assistance to your customers, particularly selection guidance, purchasing aid, and shipping inquiries.