Why you’re in good hands with a Philippine-based Cantonese call center

If you’re a business with a Cantonese-speaking consumer base, you might be considering the move to outsource call center services to a location with a population that predominantly speaks the language of your customers. More than lingual connection, however, there are far more important aspects that you should take into consideration when choosing a partner that will represent your name to your market.

Why you’re in good hands with a Philippine-based Cantonese call center- Cantonese Call Center-

Taking your call center operations to Cantonese-speaking countries, however, won’t completely guarantee that your brand would have a full understanding of your customers. You should know that customer service transcends the boundaries of language–agents should have a level of understanding that allows them to acknowledge a problem from a customer’s standpoint while dealing with it on a professional level. And merely having lingual understanding is not enough to accomplish this.

What your business needs is an outsourcing hub with a workforce that has proven its capacity to provide excellent customer service. The Philippines, being the world’s most preferred source of outsourced call center services in the past decade, could be the ideal place to entrust your Cantonese customers.

Aside from having a culturally rich talent pool where you can scout native speakers of your language, the Philippines is home to thousands of bilingual professionals who can connect with your Cantonese-speaking market not just in words. What exactly is it with Philippine-based agents that makes them ideal for China-based or Cantonese-speaking people?

Tech-savvy agents and modern customers

The Philippines understands the modern, tech-savvy consumers. China, like the Philippines, has some of the largest online markets in the world. The Chinese consumers’ digital activities and Internet-using population are enough proof of how high e-commerce and mobile marketing’s penetration is among Chinese customers. Since Filipinos are big data users themselves, they have a personal understanding of the Cantonese people’s customer needs.

Western influence

Why you’re in good hands with a Philippine-based Cantonese call center- Cantonese Call Center-_

Western brands are big in both the Philippines and China, but this isn’t because of their “foreign” quality. American and European companies market themselves as global instead of foreign to show their world-class products.

The Cantonese-speaking market also expect global qualities in the customer service they receive. Being a widely spoken language all over the world, Cantonese are used mostly by bilingual individuals living in different societies. As a culturally competitive country, the Philippines can offer diverse services that you can tailor according to the demand of multicultural markets, particularly their lingual needs. Not only can a Philippine-based team converse both in Cantonese and English, they have a deep understanding of your Cantonese-speaking customers as well.

Indeed, you are in goods hands if you partner with a firm that can adapt to customer needs regardless of the language they speak, the culture they belong to, and the consumer practices they have.



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