Why outsource Cantonese call center services to the Philippines

In order to fully interact with your Chinese customers, it is a must for you to equip your customer service team with bilingual features. Eliminating language barriers is a great way of solidifying your presence in the Chinese market. Outsourcing is therefore a practical option if you wish to effectively connect with this major demographic.

Exploring opportunities in the Chinese market


With China’s economic superpower status, it can’t be denied that gaining a foothold in the Chinese market can propel your business to greater heights. The Chinese consumerism is boosted by the country’s growing middle class. The International Data Corporation predicts that by 2020, consumption in China will be responsible for 60% of its gross domestic product (GDP). This means millions of Chinese citizens are willing to spend on product consumption. Tapping this highly profitable pool of consumers is therefore a smart move if your business is looking for a customer base that is determined to showcase its affluence.

Outsourcing inbound customer service that is set in the Cantonese language can lead you to vast business opportunities. Cantonese is regarded as a prestige language in Guangdong Province and other regions in Mainland China. It holds an official language status in Hong Kong and Macau—two geographical areas that are globally known for their lucrative consumerism. With Chinese communities present in almost every country, it can safely be concluded that Cantonese call center outsourcing can double, or even triple, your market base’s scope.

Why the Philippines is your best option

Successful delivery of bilingual customer service, specifically Cantonese customer support, is more than just about gathering native speakers of the Cantonese language and asking them to assist customers over the phone. You need a call center that has broad experience and solid expertise in transforming customer service into a tool for guaranteeing longevity in the industry.


Being part of the global outsourcing capital, Cantonese call centers in the Philippines can provide your business world class resources, including technologies, facilities, and processes. The bilingual call centers in the country are known for their rigorous language and cultural training programs entrenched in their quality assurance strategies. Preference is also given to native speakers of the Cantonese language when hiring agents.

The Philippines, being a multinational hub, offers a unique feature that is responsible for its prime status in Cantonese call center outsourcing—cultural sensitivity. Cantonese customer service representatives are not only gauged based on language proficiency, but in terms of their ability to understand the cultural context of the customers’ concerns as well.

Choosing the Philippines as your outsourcing destination can prove to be a wise decision, given that the country is hailed as the world’s call center capital. All the latest trends in outsourcing, including bilingual call center outsourcing, are helmed by the Philippine outsourcing industry.

The reputation of the Philippines when it comes to bilingual support outsourcing is well established across the globe. Every Cantonese call center in the Philippines can guarantee you highly profitable and top quality services, especially when customer service is the only thing that hinders you from expanding your business to new territories.



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