Leadership from a distance:
5 call center management tips

About 20 or 30 years ago, managers who run a business actually worked in the same office as their employees. However, the outsourcing industry together with several technology breakthroughs changed all that. Technology has made it possible for long-distance business partners to work together despite distance and time differences. Some business owners even manage their employees from the opposite point of the globe, and it works.

Many outsourcing companies benefit from this setup because it enables them to reach a wider market at lower costs. In addition, working with outsourcing partners helps entrepreneurs find the people who best fit a particular position. This type of arrangement, however, also has several pitfalls such as loss of team spirit and inadequate communication.

If you are a business manager leading your call center team remotely, take note of the following tips to help you maximize this kind of setup.

1.     Leverage various communication channels.

As a manager who works from a remote location, constant communication is your key to being updated with everything that goes on in the workplace. Leveraging various communication channels means mastering how each medium works and selecting the best platform to use according to specific circumstances.

2.     Share different types of media such as photos and videos.

Nothing beats face-to-face communication, but you can enhance technology-mediated conversations using different types of media. Using photos and videos to get your point across can enhance your communication experience and foster understanding among everyone involved.


3.     Schedule a regular meeting, and make this a routine.

Leading your team from a distance does not mean that you lose the chance to conduct briefings and meetings. In fact, holding regular meetings becomes even more necessary when working in this type of setting. Scheduling an online group conference so that you can be updated with the latest in the work site will help you plan your projects better.

4.     Clarify your goals and expectations.

Miscommunication is common in remote management setups, so make sure that you clarify the important points well. Emphasize priorities, organize your thoughts as you speak them, and encourage your business partners to ask questions if they need to clarify things. When you delineate tasks or make recommendations, make sure to state your goals clearly. This will help the team prepare to meet the standards previously set.

5.     Once in a while, personally meet with your business partner.

Why not schedule a site visit to personally meet your call center team and your business partners? This would strengthen your business relationship and ensure trust in your partnership. You can maximize your visit by discussing new campaigns or by making recommendations to improve the existing work processes.


Outsourcing companies are familiar both with the struggle and benefits of leading their team from a distance so they need to master the skill of remote management. The benefits of such a setup can outweigh by a far difference its disadvantages, and it can surely bring maximal benefits for all businesses wishing to explore this option.



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