Improve your first call resolution rates with these tips

First call resolution, or FCR, is touted as one of the important key performance indicators (KPI) call centers must track. It’s one of the primary KPIs important for achieving a customer-centric contact center because of its effect in improving both customer experience and customer satisfaction rates. It’s not just the quality of your products and services that gets customers to return to you, it’s the experience you give them.

So how do you use this KPI to your advantage? How can you use this to further improve the quality of your customer service? Here are several tips to increase your FCR rates.


1.     Evaluate your customer interactions

call center team leader guiding customer support employee on first contact resolution

Before settling on the best way to increase your FCR rates, take a look at how your call center interacts with a customer. Determine what’s holding your resolution rates back. How did your agents handle the interactions? How many were repeat callers and why did they call back? What’s the reason a particular call was escalated? Why customers weren’t satisfied? Performing root cause analysis to determine the cause of your low FCR rates can help you improve your current service.


2.     Make sure adhering to FCR doesn’t conflict with your metrics

asian business team in a meeting discussing employees first contact resolution scores

Do you have stringent quotas to achieve? Maybe the reason your FCR rates are suffering is because of the metrics you track. As much as you want the rate your call center resolves issues on the first try, pressuring your agents to handle calls in a faster rate just to achieve strict call quotas is likely causing such low FCR rate.


3.     Invest in call center technologies that help improve FCR

close up office employee hand using mouse

Make sure the tech tools you use in the call center has features that help your agents in working efficiently and effectively. Invest in software that tracks and updates customer information, such as those with automated CRM (customer relationship management) capabilities. Agent dashboards that show an employee’s real-time metric performance helps, as well. Prevent customer frustration by making sure they are directed to the right agents through smart interactive voice response systems.


4.     Empower and train your agents to solve issues on the first try

delighted call cente agent working on the phone

Train your agents according to this KPI. Make sure they learn how to actively listen, find the right solution on the fly, and convey it in a way the customer can comprehend. You can also give your employees the power to resolve customer concerns on their own terms. Instead of bombarding them with policies and protocols, loosen up a bit. Let them utilize their critical thinking skills to fix the issue using resources they have.


Again, FCR isn’t just about resolving issues on the first try. It’s also about making sure your agents can deliver a wonderful customer experience. Putting customers forward factors into delivering a customer-centric experience, as well. Keep these tips in mind when trying to improve your call center’s FCR rates.



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