How to protect your bilingual call center from fraud

Outsourcing your customer service to a bilingual call center is merely the first step toward a successful business. After you have set the outsourcing arrangements, you need to take further actions to ensure that everything is in its right place. One of the considerations that you should focus on is information security.

Call center fraud is a growing problem in the customer service industry. Although fraud is something that every company must deal with, it does not mean that they can slack off when it comes to providing a safe platform for their customers.

Data theft and other forms of cybersecurity intrusion lead to profit losses and will cost you customers. Below are some tips on how to tighten the data security measures in your bilingual call center.


1.     Ask a multi-level set of security questions.

dubious call center agent looking at headset

Call centers commonly ask a set of questions that verify the customer’s real identity. As an added precaution, however, you can ask a multi-level set of questions to further tighten information security. For example, you may ask primary questions directly dealing with the customer’s account information and eventually move to asking personal information about the caller. This will let you spot identity gaps and inconsistencies in their responses.


2.     Check both online and offline security flaws.

business group looking at laptop

You are probably more concerned about your company’s online information storage, and this is only reasonable, as they are easier to access for most outsiders. In the process of strengthening your online data security, however, do not forget to check your offline system as well. Be careful about allowing access to your servers and make sure to store your documents in a safe place. This will ensure that all information relevant to your enterprise is safe from all types of security threats.


3.     Encourage customers to protect their accounts.

call center agent speaking to customer

Your efforts to tighten information security will be for nothing if your customers are not aware of their responsibility to take care of their own accounts and data. As part of your customer service, make sure that your bilingual call center educates your clients about how to protect their online and offline accounts.


4.     Regularly test your security systems.

IT manager looking at server storage

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for emerging loopholes in information systems. Make sure that your IT security team is prepared to deal with hacking attempts by regularly testing your infrastructure. Also, you may schedule regular software updates to ensure that you have the latest and strongest security packages that will help ward off unwanted attacks.



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