How call centers can help address customer churn

Customer attrition, or customer churn, can be costlier than generating new leads for your company. Marketing to potential clients can be expensive, but customer attrition means you lose valuable, paying customers. Thus, you also lose the chance to encourage them to buy from you again.

One common reason why customers leave a brand is a negative customer experience from your call center. When you treat customers in a poor manner, they may end up switching to your competitor. This can also ruin your reputation.

A high churn rate may indicate that you’re not providing high-quality customer service to your clientele. So read these five tips on how your contact center can combat it.


1.     Invest in your customers.

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As mentioned, losing customers can cost your business more money. Customers want to patronize companies that make them feel valued. At the same time, they choose brands that they can depend on. So, gear your customer support and marketing strategies toward keeping your customers loyal. Investing in your customers entails improving your communication channels, training your call center agents, and choosing tools that are appropriate for your operations.


2.     Gather and utilize customer feedback.

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Call centers must fully utilize the feedback they gather from customers. By listening to your customers’ sentiments, you can learn more about them, their purchasing habits, and their expectations. You can also find out what they think about your competitors. You can collect these information through surveys via the phone or face-to-face interviews.

By making use of the insights you gather from customers, you can identify your weaknesses. Plus, you’ll also discover your strengths. When customers see that you heed their suggestions and concerns, they’ll see that you value their voice and that you’re driven to provide better services for them.


3.     Value your customers’ time.

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Customers often reach out to brands due to concerns regarding their products and services. Having to dial your customer service hotline is already a hassle for them, and you don’t want to inconvenience them any further. And with the technology that we have now, people expect quick responses and solutions from your end. Thus, show your customers that you value their time by aiming for first call resolution. Make sure that your call center agents can provide efficient solutions, which brings us to the next point.


4.     Train and empower your employees.

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Well-trained employees are driven toward productivity and providing the best possible service they can to help your call center achieve its goals. Customers can tell if your agents are not knowledgeable enough about your products and services.

In comparison, empowered agents are more confident in conversing with customers. They can provide effective solutions to issues, which lets you provide fast and high-quality customer support. By enhancing the overall customer experience, you get to keep customers happy and satisfied.



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