Why bilingual support outsourcing is crucial to business expansion


Business expansion is not just about opening a branch in a new location. You can’t just expand to a new territory, and expect customers to instantly become loyal supporters of your brand. You need to gain their trust. They must feel special whenever they do business with you. You need to show your customers that your brand can deliver exceptional customer support, so that you will stay ahead of the competition.

All of these tasks must be effectively done by any business wanting to grow its operations. One of the proven ways to achieve this is by engaging with your customers in the language that they speak. You can think of as many sign-up promos as you want, but if your customers don’t get to address their concerns effectively because of language barriers, then you will eventually weaken your foundation in this new territory. Outsourcing bilingual customer support is therefore key to a successful business growth.


Challenges faced when expanding


When you’re trying to build a foothold in a foreign market, language restrictions can become a reason for you to be detached from your diverse customer base. You can hire locals to serve as sales agents and store assistants, since they speak the language that your customers do, but what if a customer wants to voice out his concerns through e-mail or phone? Providing bilingual customer service can make your transition an easy and smooth one.

Diversity is a business challenge that you shouldn’t shy away from. You need to think of ways to ensure customer satisfaction despite barriers set by language restrictions. Your products may be of higher quality than what the competing brands have to offer, but they can always win the competition if they have a pool of bilingual customer support representatives who can cater to your customers’ needs.


Breaking language barriers through outsourcing

Outsourcing bilingual call center services can help make your customer service and technical support globally competitive. Even if your business hasn’t expanded to a new location yet, you still need these outsourcing services for as long as you have a diverse customer base.

Partnering with a bilingual call center can bring several advantages to your expanding business, including reduction in operation and labor costs. If you outsource to low cost regions like the Philippines, you will gain access to high quality call center technologies and processes at an affordable rate. Your outsourcing campaign will be subjected to several quality assurance measures to ensure that they meet the agreed standards.


Your partnering call center can also make sure that there’s a proficient workforce that will run your voice and non-voice campaigns. Call center managers usually prioritize native speakers of foreign languages during recruitment. Your bilingual call center agents will also undergo different language and culture training sessions to make sure that they understand the context of the customers’ inquiries completely.

For all of these reasons, outsourcing to a bilingual call center can help your business engage better with your new customers. Partnering with an expert team that specializes in delivering strong customer support can be your first step in making a lasting impression with your new target market. With high customer satisfaction and loyalty, your business can secure longevity in the industry despite having a diverse consumer base.



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