5 Traits that your customer satisfaction survey must have

To tailor-fit your customer service to the specific needs of your Chinese market, you should learn as much as you can about how your customers feel about your brand. Outsourcing to a Cantonese-speaking call center is the first step in building meaningful connections with them, but you should not stop there. There are ways to get to know your Chinese clientele, which would strengthen your customer care strategy even further.

One of them is by collecting customer insights. When translated into action points, this will improve your bilingual call center services and help you address problematic areas. But first, you need to devise an efficient feedback mechanism. To prompt you to start this simple project, here are the five traits that your customer satisfaction survey must have.


1.     Brief and clear


As with all forms of the written text, a customer survey must be brief and clear. Customers will easily lose interest if your questionnaire is too long.

If you want to gain as much insight as you can in a short survey, try using a mix of open-ended and yes-or-no questions. Phrase your inquiries in the quickest possible way, and avoid ambiguous or vague statements to achieve relevant responses.


2.     Goal-oriented

Before you start writing the survey, establish your goals first. What do you want to find out about your customers? What are the best questions to ask to draw out insights related to customer service? Each item must be intended to fulfill the objectives you established. As a whole, all the questions must work together to guide your bilingual call center in improving its strategy.


3.     Thought-provoking

If you want to gain new and useful responses, avoid asking questions with an obvious answer. Your customer survey must be able to extract people’s real opinions about your brand. Remember that your respondents can lie, so try to guard against survey answers that seem inaccurate.


4.     Specific


Deliver your customer satisfaction survey in a straightforward manner. Avoid lengthy sentences, and do not beat around the bush to save time.

It would also be ideal to have your questionnaire pre-tested to check for confusing statements or those that may have multiple meanings.


5.     Actionable

Your efforts will not be maximized if the responses you gather are not actionable. It all comes down to asking the right questions and having the right survey goals in mind. After all, the primary purpose of customer research is to improve your bilingual call center strategy. Otherwise, you will have to start all over again and that would require additional budget, time, and energy.


As a form of market research, conducting a customer survey is a way of gathering insights that can help improve your customer service goals. However, you need to have a solid plan before fully executing this project. This will allow you to brainstorm about the best way to maximize the use of customer insights.



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