5 Questions that determine the quality of a call center’s services

The boom of the business process outsourcing industry in many parts of the world has opened the road for tremendous advantages in the entire customer service segment. Because the results were quick and impactful, many other entrepreneurs jumped into the world of offshoring. Right now, there may be tens of thousands of outsourcing solution providers in the world.

Faced with this volume, organizations planning to outsource their services to call center companies may be overwhelmed by the tedious process of choosing a partner. As a manager, you must keep in mind this one question before jumping into a deal: can their work quality keep up with my business needs?

To help you determine the work quality of a contact center, here are five questions that you can ask them.


1.     Can you handle unhappy customers?

middle aged businessman in phone call shouting in frustration

Handling unhappy callers is one of the biggest challenges in customer service. But with a team of agents trained to handle dissastisfied clients, this scenario can be an opportunity to gain your customers’ trust. Perhaps, if a call center can manage irate callers well, they may be equipped to handle almost any type of complaint.


2.     How do you fare in customer satisfaction surveys?

thinking man looking at tablet by window

Customer satisfaction is a reliable indicator of customer retention and a good measure of service quality. Looking at the numbers can give you an idea about a call center’s overall performance and their skill in fostering good client relationships.


3.     Do you reward your agents well?

office employee kissing small trophy

Employees are the main driving force behind any organization. However, if they are not rewarded well, a company may face high attrition and turnover. Agents who are compensated well and are nurtured in a healthy office environment are also more likely to be productive and dedicated to their job.


4.     What customer service platforms do you use?

businessman in glasses using smartphone by laptop

This high-tech world combined with a fast-changing technology landscape has given rise to various communication tools and platforms. To tailor your customer service specifically for your market, it is best to use their preferred platform. In turn, this can also enhance their experience as a customer. Knowing whether your prospective partner can provide this type of service will assure you that they can cater to your market.


5.     Do they have a well-planned customer service roadmap?

businessman working fixing flowchart post it notes by laptop

Managers craft roadmaps for one reason: they want to take the path that will lead them to success. A customer service roadmap details an organization’s plan for improvement, and as such, it plays a big role in determining the business’ future. If you are not satisfied with a company’s customer service roadmap, they may not be maximizing the resources that they have. Successful companies are the ones who know what they need and what to do to get the right resources.


In the outsourcing, most of the decisions that you will need to make involve big risks. To minimize this risk, you need to know that your prospective call center partner is capable of delivering good customer service. You need to look at their work quality carefully in order to bring your clients the kind of service that they truly deserve.



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