3 Outsourcing myths debunked

It took a long time before brands began to see business process outsourcing (BPO) as a viable way of executing some of their functions. Indeed, outsourcing used to be a dirty word. Many entrepreneurs believed it equivalent to cheating, as organizations hire third-party firms to carry out their own processes for them. That’s why many businesses veered away from it as a misguided attempt to keep their reputation intact.

As business leaders started to see its benefits, however, they acknowledged that it’s indeed a great way to improve their existing operations. It has enabled brands to focus on their core competencies, as call centers and other types of providers handle some of their services. Over the years, this setup allowed companies to enhance their main expertise, widen their market reach, and reduce spending.

However, to date, there are still plenty of entrepreneurs who frown upon the idea of outsourcing. This article debunks three common misconceptions about this business practice.


1.     You’ll lose control over your processes.

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Some business owners fear they may lose control over their business operations once they hand it over to a BPO company, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Even before you look for a provider, you should carefully design your customer care strategy. Consider the channels to be used, the quality monitoring process, and the performance standards that must be met. Even little things like the greeting and closing line for every transaction also matter. Once you find a capable provider, make sure to let them know how exactly you want your services to be delivered. You may even state these in the contract to ensure full compliance.

You may also send a representative to the operation facility to supervise your outsourced task. This way, you can be sure that there’s someone who can make the best decisions concerning your customers and your brand.


2.     It strips away your branding.

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This is yet another major concern that most entrepreneurs have when they think about outsourcing. All business owners know that maintaining their company branding is a lifelong mission, and they assume that having someone else deliver their services may compromise this goal.

However, this only happens when you and your provider have different priorities, values, and organizational culture. That’s why find a BPO firm that can protect and uphold your company’s vision is crucial. Their internal structure and practices must help in achieving your brand’s goals.

It’s also important to let your provider know who you are as an organization so they can deliver services that are consistent with your branding.


3.     Customers hate outsourced services.

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Many entrepreneurs are afraid that customers will start walking out the door once they discover that some of a brand’s operations are being outsourced. But customers don’t necessarily hate outsourced services. Rather, they hate low-quality ones, those that don’t meet their expectations.

Therefore, you must find a customer service provider that can satisfy and maybe even exceed your standards. This way, you can enhance the customer experience and convince your clients to stay loyal to your brand.



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