Barriers to effective agent evaluation in a bilingual call center

In order to ensure productivity in a call center, managers must be able to come up with an effective performance evaluation program that will help them assess the strengths and weakness of their agents. In a bilingual outsourcing firm, such as a Cantonese call center in the Philippines, this knowledge is important because it enables leaders to immediately identify errors and correct them before they even cause bigger problems.

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Why bilingual support outsourcing is crucial to business expansion


Business expansion is not just about opening a branch in a new location. You can’t just expand to a new territory, and expect customers to instantly become loyal supporters of your brand. You need to gain their trust. They must feel special whenever they do business with you. You need to show your customers that your brand can deliver exceptional customer support, so that you will stay ahead of the competition. Read more

Why you’re in good hands with a Philippine-based Cantonese call center

If you’re a business with a Cantonese-speaking consumer base, you might be considering the move to outsource call center services to a location with a population that predominantly speaks the language of your customers. More than lingual connection, however, there are far more important aspects that you should take into consideration when choosing a partner that will represent your name to your market. Read more