5 Traits that your customer satisfaction survey must have

To tailor-fit your customer service to the specific needs of your Chinese market, you should learn as much as you can about how your customers feel about your brand. Outsourcing to a Cantonese-speaking call center is the first step in building meaningful connections with them, but you should not stop there. There are ways to get to know your Chinese clientele, which would strengthen your customer care strategy even further. Read more

Why global firms should master the Cantonese language

Language and cultural differences are becoming a big barrier for every firm that wants to capture the global market. These are just two of the challenges that brands will experience once they decide to expand outside the borders of their own country. It is thus safe to say that embracing multiple languages and learning about different cultures in various parts of the world can pave every company’s way to business development. Read more

Leadership from a distance:
5 call center management tips

About 20 or 30 years ago, managers who run a business actually worked in the same office as their employees. However, the outsourcing industry together with several technology breakthroughs changed all that. Technology has made it possible for long-distance business partners to work together despite distance and time differences. Some business owners even manage their employees from the opposite point of the globe, and it works. Read more

Is your call center guilty of these customer service mistakes?

Every call center is expected to deliver quality customer service to the people they serve, regardless of the channel it’s delivered in. Best practices can vary from platform to platform, but the quality should be consistent on the phone, email, and live chat. Since almost every bilingual call center today also offers multi-channeled support, it can be challenging to give a smooth service on different platforms, especially if it has to be given in different languages. Read more

4 Call center coaching tips for resolving agent errors

Coaching call center agents can be a challenging task for supervisors and team leaders, especially when the goal of the conversation is to address errors. Call center leaders must be good in dealing with such situation, since pointing out mistakes could lead to agents feeling demoralized. A simple change in tone or volume can be taken as a hint of aggression. The last thing you want to happen is see underperforming agents quit their jobs because of your poor coaching techniques. Read more

Customer service recovery: Is your bilingual call center doing it right?

No company dreams of ever facing a customer service blunder. Customer satisfaction and brand image are important building blocks of business success, which is why it’s becoming all the more crucial for brands to entrust the unique needs of their Cantonese-speaking customers to experts. But no matter how fully equipped your bilingual call center is, an inevitable and unexpected issue may come and cause inconvenience to your valued customers. Read more

5 Call center mistakes that can cause poor customer experience

Customer service is not just about addressing consumer needs, it also about providing customer experience that can meet, if not exceed, basic expectations. Call centers gear up for this task by investing in continuous agent training, coaching, and other quality assurance measures. Customer service representatives are also reminded from time to time about the different call handling strategies that they can use to better assist customers over the phone. Read more