How your call centers can make the most of average handling time

Customers tend to avoid contacting customer service whenever possible. They want to be assured that if they do contact the company’s customer support hotline, their concerns would be resolved as soon as possible. They want to be assured that they won’t waste time on bureaucracies. And it is your call center’s duty to give them a fast and seamless customer experience. Read more

Improve your first call resolution rates with these tips

First call resolution, or FCR, is touted as one of the important key performance indicators (KPI) call centers must track. It’s one of the primary KPIs important for achieving a customer-centric contact center because of its effect in improving both customer experience and customer satisfaction rates. It’s not just the quality of your products and services that gets customers to return to you, it’s the experience you give them. Read more

3 Outsourcing myths debunked

It took a long time before brands began to see business process outsourcing (BPO) as a viable way of executing some of their functions. Indeed, outsourcing used to be a dirty word. Many entrepreneurs believed it equivalent to cheating, as organizations hire third-party firms to carry out their own processes for them. That’s why many businesses veered away from it as a misguided attempt to keep their reputation intact. Read more