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About Us

Cantonese Call Center is a Philippine-based outsourcing firm that offers voice and non-voice customer service and tech support solutions to businesses catering to the Cantonese-speaking demographic worldwide. As Cantonese is an official language in two nations and widely used in 12 countries in Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe, Cantonese Call Center addresses the increasing demand for call center agents who are proficient in the language. We do this by tapping the abundant pool of bilingual professionals in our main base, the Philippines.

Owned and managed by our American founders, Cantonese Call Center has been passing the highest international standards for call center outsourcing ever since its inception in 2006. Moving to our current operations site allowed our then-telemarketing startup to grow into a wider-ranged service provider specializing in the Cantonese language. Now, our offerings encompass inbound and outbound call center solutions, as well as non-voice services delivered through email and live chat.

Our firm hires native-speakers to ensure genuine affinity with the customers, but we also train second-language-speakers into topnotch Cantonese call center agents. This recruitment practice, along with our time-tested leadership methods and top-of-the-line facilities, assure that the services we deliver are unhampered and above par of industry benchmarks.

Cantonese Call Center aims to cement your brand among the trusted and most reachable names of your target market. Entrust us your business processes to free yourself from ancillary duties and allot more resources and time to core functions directly tied to your company’s growth.